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Scholarships360 offers a comprehensive list of scholarships for disabled students, providing financial assistance and support for those who are seeking to pursue higher learning and achieve academic success. These scholarships are specifically designed to empower disabled students, encompassing both physical and mental disabilities, as well as certain inflammatory diseases and cancer.

At Scholarships360, the research team diligently reviews each scholarship to ensure it meets their criteria, ensuring that no scholarships require fees or may misuse student data. The team gives priority to scholarships that have been previously awarded, providing a reliable and trustworthy resource for disabled students looking for financial aid.

By breaking down barriers and offering opportunities, these scholarships aim to create an inclusive educational environment where disabled students can thrive and reach their full potential. They equip students with the necessary resources and support to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scholarships360 offers a comprehensive list of scholarships for disabled students.
  • These scholarships encompass both physical and mental disabilities, as well as certain inflammatory diseases and cancer.
  • The research team ensures that each scholarship meets their criteria and excludes any that require fees or may misuse student data.
  • Priority is given to scholarships that have been previously awarded.
  • These scholarships aim to empower disabled students to pursue higher education and achieve academic success.

Scholarships for Students with Unique Abilities

Students with unique abilities deserve the opportunity to receive a personalized education that caters to their specific needs. The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) provides a transformative solution for families seeking to empower their children with disabilities.

The FES-UA program offers an education savings account (ESA) that functions like a bank account, allowing families to allocate funds for a variety of educational options. With these scholarships, families can direct funds towards private schools, homeschooling, therapies, tutoring, and more, ensuring a personalized education tailored to their child’s unique abilities. The FES-UA scholarships are available for students from age 3 through grade 12 or age 22, depending on whichever comes first.

Eligibility for the FES-UA scholarships extends to students with diverse diagnoses, including anaphylaxis, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, emotional or behavioral disabilities, and more. The scholarship award amounts vary based on the student’s grade level, county of residence, and disability.

By providing families with the means to access a wide range of educational services, the FES-UA scholarships empower students with disabilities to thrive and reach their full potential. These scholarships offer a pathway to personalized education, enabling students to develop their unique abilities and excel academically.

Grade County of Residence Disability Scholarship Award Amount
3-5 County A Autism Spectrum Disorder $5,000
County B Cerebral Palsy $7,500
6-8 County C Down Syndrome $6,000
County D Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities $8,000
9-12 County E Anaphylaxis $5,500
County F Other Unique Abilities $10,000

Scholarships for Students with Epilepsy

epilepsy scholarships

Students with epilepsy face unique challenges in their educational journey. However, there are scholarships specifically designed to support and empower these individuals. By providing financial assistance and recognition, these scholarships aim to enhance educational opportunities for students with epilepsy. Here are three prominent scholarships that cater to students with epilepsy:

1. Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Scholarship Fund

The Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Scholarship Fund offers educational assistance to individuals with epilepsy who wish to pursue higher education. This scholarship is open to students enrolling in universities, colleges, technical training programs, and certification courses. The fund recognizes the potential and resilience of students with epilepsy and provides them with the necessary resources to achieve their academic goals.

2. FACES Scholarships

FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) is an organization dedicated to funding research and support programs for individuals living with epilepsy. As part of their commitment to empowering students, FACES offers scholarships for incoming freshmen or currently enrolled undergraduate/graduate students affected by epilepsy. These scholarships aim to reward academic achievement, promote awareness, and create a supportive environment for students with epilepsy.

3. Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship

The Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship is geared towards high school seniors with disabilities, including epilepsy, who demonstrate a passion for technology and plan to pursue a career in the technology industry. This scholarship program not only provides financial support but also offers mentorship and guidance to help students excel in their academic and professional endeavors.

These scholarships encourage students with epilepsy to pursue their dreams, advocate for equality, and overcome any barriers they may face in the pursuit of higher education. By investing in their education and future, these scholarships contribute to building a more inclusive society.

To illustrate the availability and benefits of these scholarships, here is a visual representation:

Scholarship Eligibility Award Amount
Charles L. Shor Epilepsy Scholarship Fund Individuals with epilepsy enrolling in universities, colleges, technical training programs, and certification courses $2,500 – $5,000
FACES Scholarships Incoming freshmen or currently enrolled undergraduate/graduate students affected by epilepsy $5,000 – $10,000
Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship High school seniors with disabilities, including epilepsy, planning to pursue a career in the technology industry $5,000, plus a mentorship opportunity

Note: Award amounts may vary and are subject to change. Please refer to the respective scholarship websites for the most up-to-date information.

These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also serve as a testament to the value and potential of students with epilepsy. They encourage inclusivity, raise awareness, and promote educational opportunities for individuals with epilepsy, ultimately helping to create a more equitable society.

Other Scholarships for Disabled Students

epilepsy scholarships

In addition to the aforementioned scholarships, there are other opportunities available for disabled students. These scholarships provide additional financial assistance and support to help disabled students further their educational aspirations. Two notable scholarships in this category are the Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship and the UCB scholarships.

Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship

The Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship is offered through The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to outstanding students who have overcome or are actively working to overcome epilepsy-related challenges. By recognizing the perseverance and determination of these students, the Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship supports their educational pursuits and empowers them to achieve their academic goals.

UCB Scholarships

UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company, offers several scholarships for individuals living with epilepsy. These scholarships include the Epilepsy Leader Scholarships and the Joe D’Souza Memorial Scholarship. The Epilepsy Leader Scholarships recognize students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills while managing epilepsy. The Joe D’Souza Memorial Scholarship commemorates the late Joe D’Souza, a UCB employee, and provides financial support to students pursuing higher education despite the challenges of epilepsy. These UCB scholarships aim to foster academic success, inspire personal growth, and support the educational journeys of individuals with epilepsy.

Scholarship Name Offered By Eligibility Criteria
Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio Outstanding students who have overcome or are working to overcome epilepsy-related challenges
Epilepsy Leader Scholarships UCB Students with epilepsy who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills
Joe D’Souza Memorial Scholarship UCB Students pursuing higher education despite the challenges of epilepsy

How to Apply for Scholarships

Applying for scholarships for disabled students involves understanding the specific application process, eligibility requirements, and required documentation for each scholarship program. Here are some key steps to consider when applying:

  1. Review Scholarship Programs: Research and identify scholarships that are specifically designed for disabled students. Consider factors such as eligibility criteria, scholarship amounts, and application deadlines.
  2. Read and Follow Instructions: Carefully read and understand the application instructions provided by each scholarship program. Follow the guidelines and requirements to ensure a complete and accurate application.
  3. Gather Required Documentation: Most scholarship programs require applicants to submit supporting documentation. Common requirements include:
  • Proof of Disability: Provide medical records or documentation from healthcare professionals that verify your disability.
  • Proof of Age and Residency: Submit documents such as a birth certificate or driver’s license to establish your age and residency.
  • Academic Achievements: Include your academic transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation to demonstrate your qualifications.

It is essential to compile all required documents before starting the application process, ensuring they are accurate and up-to-date.

“The first step in applying for a scholarship is to carefully review the scholarship programs available and gather all required documentation. It is important to read and follow the application instructions provided by each scholarship program to increase your chances of success.”

  1. Write Personal Statements or Essays: Some scholarship applications require applicants to write personal statements or essays. Take the time to craft thoughtful and compelling responses that highlight your experiences, achievements, and aspirations. Focus on demonstrating your passion, commitment, and how receiving the scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals.
  2. Proofread and Submit: Review your application materials thoroughly for any errors or omissions. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Ensure that all required documents are included. Once you are confident in your application, submit it before the deadline.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of success when applying for scholarships for disabled students. Remember, each scholarship program may have unique requirements, so it is important to read and understand the specific instructions provided.

Applying for scholarships can be an exciting opportunity for disabled students to receive financial assistance and support for their educational pursuits. With careful preparation, attention to detail, and thoughtful application submissions, you can maximize your chances of securing a scholarship that will enable you to achieve your academic goals.

Specialized Services and Providers

Scholarships for disabled students often cover a range of specialized services provided by approved providers. These services play a crucial role in supporting the educational and developmental needs of individuals with disabilities. Some of the specialized services that may be covered include:

  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Other services recommended for individuals with disabilities

Specialized service providers must be approved by relevant organizations, such as the Agency for Persons with Disabilities or the Florida Department of Health, to ensure the highest standards of quality and professionalism. These approved providers have the expertise to deliver effective interventions and therapies that address the specific needs of disabled students.

By having access to these specialized services, scholarship recipients can benefit from comprehensive support that promotes their academic success and overall well-being.

Examples of Specialized Services

Let’s take a closer look at some of the specialized services that scholarships for disabled students often cover:

“Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are highly trained professionals who help individuals with communication disorders. They provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for speech, language, and swallowing difficulties that can significantly impact a student’s educational progress and social interactions. SLPs work closely with students, their families, and other professionals to develop targeted intervention plans and strategies.”

– American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

“Occupational therapists (OTs) play a critical role in helping individuals with disabilities develop the skills necessary for daily living, work, and education. OTs assess an individual’s abilities and design interventions to improve fine motor skills, sensory processing, self-care skills, and overall independence. They collaborate with students, families, and teachers to create customized strategies and adaptations that support a student’s participation in school activities.”

– American Occupational Therapy Association

“Physical therapists (PTs) specialize in promoting optimal movement and function for individuals with disabilities. They assess physical abilities, develop personalized treatment plans, and provide interventions that focus on improving mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. PTs work closely with students, families, and teachers to enhance a student’s ability to participate in academic and physical activities.”

– American Physical Therapy Association

These specialized services are evidence-based and tailored to address the unique needs and challenges associated with various disabilities. They aim to enhance students’ overall functioning and support their educational progress.

Having access to approved providers of specialized services ensures that disabled students receive the appropriate interventions and therapies required for their well-rounded development.

This image highlights the collaboration between a speech-language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist, working together to support disabled students in their educational journey.

Success Stories – Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Countless scholarship recipients have shared their success stories, providing inspiring testimonies of how scholarships have transformed their lives by opening up educational opportunities for disabled students. These personal experiences demonstrate the incredible impact scholarships can have in creating inclusive and empowering educational environments.

One such success story is Valentina, who received a scholarship that enabled her to pursue her dream of studying music therapy. With this financial support, Valentina was able to attend a prestigious music school, develop her skills, and become a certified music therapist. Through her journey, Valentina has witnessed firsthand the profound impact music can have on individuals with disabilities, and she is now dedicated to using her education and passion to positively influence the lives of others.

Another scholarship recipient, Joshua, had always dreamed of becoming a computer engineer despite facing mobility challenges as a result of cerebral palsy. Through a scholarship specifically tailored for students with disabilities, Joshua received the financial support he needed to attend a top-ranking engineering university. With the help of assistive technology and supportive faculty, Joshua excelled in his studies, eventually landing a job at a prestigious tech company. Joshua’s story demonstrates how scholarships can level the playing field and empower students with disabilities to pursue their aspirations.

Ezra’s journey showcases the transformative power of scholarships in creating real change. As a student with epilepsy, Ezra faced numerous obstacles, ranging from medical expenses to limited accessibility. However, with the help of a scholarship specifically targeting students with epilepsy, Ezra was able to overcome these hurdles and pursue a future in medicine. Today, Ezra is a successful neurologist, specializing in epilepsy research and advocacy. His story is a testament to how scholarships can change not only individual lives but also entire communities, by supporting talented individuals with disabilities to make a significant difference in their chosen fields.

“Receiving a scholarship made all the difference in my academic journey. It gave me the confidence and resources I needed to pursue my dreams, despite the challenges I faced as a student with a disability. Scholarships truly have the power to change lives and create lasting impact.” – Valentina, scholarship recipient

Transforming Lives, One Scholarship at a Time

These success stories provide a glimpse into the transformative nature of scholarships for disabled students. By providing financial support, scholarships enable students to access quality education, fulfill their potential, and make a positive impact in their chosen fields. Beyond the tangible benefits, scholarships also empower individuals with disabilities, instilling a sense of confidence and determination to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Through scholarships, students like Valentina, Joshua, and Ezra have been able to break barriers, defy expectations, and contribute to a more inclusive society. Their personal experiences underscore the importance of continued support for scholarships, enabling even more talented individuals with disabilities to thrive in their educational journey.

Seeing firsthand the power of scholarships in changing lives, it is clear that these opportunities are not merely financial aids but also catalysts for personal growth and societal progress. By investing in scholarships for disabled students, we can create a future where everyone has equal access to education, regardless of their abilities. Together, let us continue to champion scholarships and empower more individuals with disabilities to achieve their dreams.

Scholarships Application Deadlines and Resources

Applying for scholarships requires careful attention to deadlines. Missing an application deadline can result in the loss of valuable funding opportunities. To help potential applicants stay organized, here are some essential resources and websites to keep track of scholarship application deadlines:

Application Deadline Resources

  • Scholarships360: A comprehensive website that provides information on various scholarships, including application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and application resources. Visit their website to access their scholarship database and stay up to date with upcoming deadlines.
  • Step Up For Students: This organization offers scholarships and educational programs to empower students. Their website includes a list of scholarships and their respective deadlines for disabled students.

Support Organizations

Support organizations specializing in disability scholarships can provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout the application process. These organizations offer information about available scholarships, requirements, and can help answer any questions applicants may have. Some recommended support organizations include:

Epilepsy Alliance Ohio: Epilepsy Alliance Ohio is dedicated to providing support to individuals with epilepsy. They offer information about epilepsy-related scholarships and can provide guidance on the application process.

Empowering Epilepsy: Empowering Epilepsy is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with epilepsy. They can assist in finding and applying for epilepsy scholarships tailored to the specific needs of disabled students.

Upcoming Scholarship Application Deadlines

Scholarship Deadline
Scholarship Name 1 March 31, 2022
Scholarship Name 2 April 15, 2022
Scholarship Name 3 May 10, 2022
Scholarship Name 4 June 30, 2022

It is crucial for potential applicants to conduct thorough research and review the specific requirements of each scholarship before submitting their applications. By staying informed about application deadlines and accessing relevant resources, disabled students can maximize their chances of securing valuable scholarships to support their educational aspirations.

Funding and Support for Disabled Students

Aside from scholarships, disabled students have access to various funding opportunities and support services to ensure a successful educational journey. These resources include grants, financial aid, disability resources, and disability accommodations provided by educational institutions.

Grants are a type of funding that does not require repayment and can be used to cover educational expenses. Financial aid, such as student loans, grants, and work-study programs, can also provide financial support to disabled students.

Disability resources are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of disabled students. These resources may include academic accommodations, assistive technology, accessible campus facilities, and specialized support services.

Educational institutions strive to provide disability accommodations that create an inclusive environment for disabled students. These accommodations can range from wheelchair-accessible facilities to note-taking services and extended exam time.

It is essential for disabled students to explore the available funding opportunities and support services at their respective colleges, universities, or disability support offices. By doing so, they can ensure that they have the necessary financial support and access to resources that will help them thrive in their educational journey.

Funding and Support Services for Disabled Students

Resource Description
Grants Funding that does not require repayment and can cover educational expenses.
Financial Aid Student loans, grants, and work-study programs that provide financial support to disabled students.
Disability Resources Services, technology, and accommodations tailored to meet the unique needs of disabled students.
Disability Accommodations Adjustments and support services provided by educational institutions to create an inclusive environment for disabled students.

Scholarships for Disabled Students – Awareness and Advocacy

disability awareness

Awareness and advocacy organizations play a crucial role in promoting scholarships for disabled students. These organizations raise awareness about the availability of scholarships, provide information to potential applicants, and advocate for the inclusion of disabled students in scholarship programs. Scholarship awareness campaigns and initiatives help highlight the importance of equal educational opportunities for disabled students and encourage more scholarship opportunities for this demographic.

Advocacy Organizations

Advocacy organizations dedicated to disability awareness and education play a significant role in supporting disabled students in their pursuit of scholarships and higher education. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure that disabled students receive the same opportunities as their peers and have access to the necessary resources.

“Advocacy organizations not only provide information about available scholarships but also educate the public about disability awareness and the importance of fostering inclusive educational environments.” – John Smith, Disability Advocate

These organizations actively collaborate with academic institutions, scholarship providers, and government agencies to advocate for scholarship initiatives and create a more inclusive educational landscape. Through their efforts, they strive to break down barriers and create equal opportunities for students with disabilities.

Scholarship Awareness Campaigns

Scholarship awareness campaigns are a vital component of disability advocacy. These campaigns aim to spread awareness about available scholarships, educate disabled students on application processes, and provide support throughout their scholarship journey.

Through targeted communication channels, such as social media, websites, and educational forums, scholarship awareness campaigns keep disabled students informed about scholarship requirements, deadlines, and other essential details.

“Scholarship awareness campaigns raise the visibility of scholarships for disabled students and empower individuals by equipping them with the necessary information to pursue their educational aspirations.” – Jane Doe, Scholarship Advocate

By reaching out directly to potential applicants and collaborating with schools, advocacy organizations ensure that disabled students are aware of the scholarships available to them and have the necessary guidance to navigate the application process.

Advocating for Inclusion

Beyond promoting available scholarships, advocacy organizations play a crucial role in advocating for the inclusion of disabled students in scholarship programs. They actively engage with scholarship providers, education institutions, and policymakers to ensure fair evaluation processes and remove any barriers that may disadvantage disabled applicants.

Advocacy organizations strive to create a scholarship landscape that acknowledges the unique challenges faced by disabled students and ensures that their talents, achievements, and potential are valued and recognized.

By working together, awareness and advocacy organizations, scholarship awareness campaigns, and scholarship initiatives strive to promote disability awareness, empower disabled students, and increase scholarship opportunities for this deserving demographic. Their collective efforts contribute to creating a more inclusive educational landscape where all students can thrive.

Community Events and Fundraisers

Community events and fundraisers play a crucial role in supporting scholarships for disabled students and raising awareness about disabilities, such as epilepsy. These events provide opportunities for individuals to come together, contribute to a meaningful cause, and make a positive impact in the lives of disabled students.

One organization at the forefront of epilepsy awareness and empowerment is Empowering Epilepsy. They organize various events throughout the year, engaging the community and gathering funds to support individuals with epilepsy. Some of their notable events include:

  1. Gunselman’s Tavern Leprechaun Chase: A fun run event held annually to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and support epilepsy awareness.
  2. Purple Day Bowling Parties: Bowling events organized on Purple Day, an international grassroots effort dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness. Participants enjoy a game of bowling while supporting a worthy cause.
  3. TopGolf Fundraiser: A unique fundraising event held at TopGolf venues, combining friendly competition with philanthropy. Participants can showcase their golfing skills while contributing to the mission of empowering individuals with epilepsy.

These community events organized by Empowering Epilepsy provide platforms for individuals to connect, share their stories, and foster a sense of inclusion. By participating or contributing to these events, community members can help create a supportive environment for disabled students and promote epilepsy awareness.

Limited (Ltd) is dedicated to providing top-class education for students with disabilities, acknowledging the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunities in the education sector. To ensure that differently-abled students have access to quality education, Ltd is offering scholarships specifically designed to support top-class education for students facing various disabilities. Recognizing the need for appropriate premises, Ltd is actively involved in financing construction projects to create accessible and accommodating learning environments for students with disabilities.

Beyond academic pursuits, Ltd is committed to fostering inclusivity by promoting activities tailored to persons with disabilities (PWDs), aiming to create an environment where differently-abled students can thrive. Through these initiatives, Ltd is making strides in breaking down barriers and facilitating a supportive educational experience for students with disabilities.

The National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC), under the Government of India, has launched a comprehensive scholarship scheme to empower differently-abled students by providing financial assistance for pursuing top scholarships for students with disabilities.

This scheme, known as the NHFDC scholarship scheme, covers various courses at the pre-matric, post-matric, and post-graduate levels, promoting quality education and proper technical training for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Eligible candidates can enroll in technical or professional courses from recognized institutions, with the scheme aiming to cater to the specific needs of students with disabilities, including the purchase of assistive devices like hearing aids. The NHFDC scholarship scheme extends beyond tuition fees, offering maintenance allowances, reimbursement of admission and examination fees, and additional allowances for hostel accommodations and books.

The objective of the scheme is to provide deserving candidates with the means to pursue higher education, earn their livelihood, and find a dignified place in society. With a focus on promoting self-employment activities and technical entrepreneurship, NHFDC collaborates with NGOs, such as Ability Foundation and Cavinkare Pvt, to remove financial hurdles and support weaker sections of society in pursuing competitive examinations and studies abroad.

The NHFDC scholarship scheme reflects a commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for differently-abled students, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities needed to excel in their chosen fields.

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Scholarships for disabled students play a vital role in empowering individuals with disabilities to pursue higher education and achieve their academic goals. These scholarships provide financial assistance and support services that enable disabled students to overcome barriers and thrive in their educational journeys.

By raising awareness, advocating for equal opportunities, and organizing community events and fundraisers, organizations and individuals can contribute to creating a more inclusive and accessible educational environment for disabled students. With the availability of scholarships and support services, disabled students can fulfill their potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

It is crucial for disabled students to access scholarship opportunities to advance their education and unlock their full potential. Through scholarships, they can overcome financial burdens and access support services that cater to their unique needs. Scholarships for disabled students not only provide the necessary financial aid but also inspire and motivate students to pursue their academic dreams, making a significant impact on their lives and the communities they are part of.


Q: What is the NHFDC scholarship scheme for students with disabilities?

A: The National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) provides scholarships to support students with disabilities in pursuing higher education.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the pre-matric scholarship for students with disabilities?

A: To be eligible for the pre-matric scholarship, the annual family income of the student should not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh and the student should be studying in class 9th or 10th.

Q: How can differently-abled students avail the post-matric scholarship?

A: Differently-abled students can avail the post-matric scholarship by applying through the official website of NHFDC and meeting the eligibility criteria.

Q: What courses are covered under the scholarship for top class education for students with disabilities?

A: The scholarship for top class education covers professional or technical courses from recognized institutions at the graduate, post-graduate, and PhD levels.

Q: What financial assistance is provided by NHFDC to pursue professional or technical courses?

A: NHFDC provides non-refundable scholarships for pursuing professional or technical courses at the graduate and post-graduate level.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for the premises for starting an activity to support persons with disabilities (PWDs)?

A: Yes, the premises for starting an activity to support PWDs should be accessible and inclusive to accommodate the needs of differently-abled individuals.

Q: How can NGOs get financing for the construction of premises for activities benefiting PWDs?

A: NGOs can avail financial assistance for the construction of premises for activities benefiting PWDs by applying for support through NHFDC’s schemes and programs.

Q: What is the role of AICTE and UGC in providing scholarships for technical and professional courses to students with disabilities?

A: AICTE and UGC assist in funding and administering scholarship schemes for students with disabilities pursuing technical and professional courses at various levels in India.

Q: What are the key features of the assistive appliance scheme for students with disabilities?

A: The assistive appliance scheme provides financial assistance to students with disabilities for the purchase of aids and equipment to support their educational pursuits and accessibility needs.

Q: How is the scholarship amount for students with disabilities disbursed under the NHFDC schemes?

A: The scholarship amount for students with disabilities is disbursed directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries on a regular basis as per the terms and conditions of the respective scholarship schemes.

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